Color therapy is a synthesis of medicine, art, and psychology
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Regulating emotions
• Developing creative abilities
• Improving concentration
• Developing motor skills and coordination
• Has no risks
• Proven positive results

The versatility of the works of Masha Guseva (artist, doctor, journalist) is based on her impeccable command of the language of color. The harmonious combination of colors is nothing more than the wavelengths (a physical quantity that can be reliably measured), and Masha uses this both as a doctor and as an artist. High-quality paintings and posters, such as color therapy, are already used in many hospitals throughout our country.

This book is the first attempt to combine information on the use of colors in medicine, psychology, astrology, mineral therapy, and other areas of human activity into one publication. The author explains in accessible language what color therapy is and provides practical recommendations for both adults and children. This method is predicted to have further development and a very interesting future.