Teaching to create beauty

There is such a word, "beautification," derived from "beauty." It means decoration, refinement, and enhancement of the environment, objects, and people. The term is used to describe the process of creating and adding beauty to the surrounding world. It's not just about ornamentation or improvement, but rather a creative process where something should not only become better or more functional, but also more beautiful. From being unattractive and frightening, it magically transforms into something captivating and mesmerizing.
This is what Masha does - she brings beauty and harmony into the world around her. It doesn't matter how she does it - by healing children, teaching painting to the elderly, conducting art therapy sessions, painting pictures, writing books, giving lectures, creating interiors, or organizing training sessions - the ultimate goal is always the same - beauty. She often exclaims this word, like a spell, when a project is complete: "Beauty!" She marks each completed project with this word, like a punctuation mark. If she doesn't say it, it means that she still needs to work her magic until it's beautiful enough for her exacting taste and vision.
She evaluates everything using this word - her own and other people's creativity, countries and cities, spaces and relationships, even the most personal ones. Masha's life is full of beauty - she has created it like a cocoon. And we can touch this beautiful cocoon, for example, by looking at Masha's painting and, with a smile, exclaiming: "Beauty!"

text by Natasha Bashkirova